Shop In Your Undies Day

30 Nov 2005

November 29th will from yesterday on be referred to as ’shop in your undies day’. The initiative has been lauched by MSN Shopping, together with Cedric the Entertainer. Slices from the official press release that was published yesterday :

"Cedric appeared in New York’s Times Square to demonstrate that by shopping on the new and improved MSN Shopping, consumers can dress in whatever they want, even their undies. Shopping on MSN is not only easier than ever, it allows consumers to avoid holiday crowds and find great values on tens of millions of products from thousands of retailers.

Today Cedric was met by a huge crowd of fans, tourists and native New Yorkers in Times Square. As Cedric told the crowd that MSN Shopping is ‘the’ place to shop dressed in whatever they want, some 50 men and women suddenly stripped down to just their winter coats and boxer shorts and marched through the crowded streets alongside Cedric singing holiday songs.

A new survey conducted by Harris Interactive Inc. and commissioned by MSN Shopping shows that they’re not the only ones stripping down before shopping online. According to the survey, 31 percent of U.S. online adults have indeed shopped online in their undies. "

msn shop in your undies day

Nathan : "And here I had this crazy idea that almost every woman on the planet wears some form of panties, yet in that crowd, every single person, man or woman, was wearing boxers. Coincidentally, many of those boxers had MSN Shopping logos. Pure coincidence."

Read more : [the press release] via [InsideMicrosoft]

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