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22 Nov 2005

When I was checking Technorati these last few weeks, it became clear they still have a serious splog and spam issue to deal with. I was performing a search on ‘Coolz0r’ today, it returned 384 results. (Note that I’m not searching for my blog’s URL). A lot of the sites listed are totally unrelated but they link to movies I’ve posted on YouTube, and they just copy the entire description and keywords that belong to specific clips.

Here are some examples : (I’m not going to link, I’ll just put the URL)

Blogs you can’t call splogs right away, but seem to be so, because they link to the clip, but have totally nothing to do with it, and they seem to list ‘random’ content :
Estate/wwwprivate-real-estate-lenders/ — title : Your Dedicated Commercial Real Estate

game-advertisements/ — title : Your Dedicated Commercial Real Estate

Estate/commercials-williams-shaving-gel/ — title : Your Dedicated Commercial Real Estate

http://6× — title : Your Fart Articles

estate-attorney-robert-half-legal/ — title : Your Dedicated Commercial Real Estate

Definitely SpamBlogs that copy keywords and descriptions without even linking to the clips and seem to gather random information and links to collect traffic :
designed.html — title : helpful fart resources

pmteam-ha-c.html — title : helpful fart resources

todays.html — title : helpful fart resources

open.html — title : Internet Octopus Resources

reads.html — title : Internet Octopus Resources


monday.html — title : Your Fart Articles

gomonday.html — title : Internet Octopus Resources

Removed from the Blogger index, but still listed in Technorati :
_113258759823941935.html — title : Quick Fart Resources

tracking_20.html — title : Internet Fart Information

classic.html — title : Helpful Fart Resources (again) — title : Internet Fart Information

This only covers the first 20 results of page 1 : 16 out of 20 posts are
NOT RELATED to what they display or link to.
Focussing on the next two pages :
On page 2 : 13 out of 20 results are bogus.
On page 3 : 17 out of 20 results are spam.

I’ll stop counting from here, but as you can see : 46 out of 60 results are spam. That’s about 76.6 %. I don’t have to draw a picture… the rest of the results of the first six pages is likewise. After that things seem to normalize. Since there are only 10 result pages listed, that leaves an accuracy of 50%. But that’s just my two cents.

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