American Dad Has Landed in Europe

30 Oct 2005

Last week, the 22nd, American Dad made its debut on BBC 2. I totally missed it because I’m not so much of a tv viewer, but yesterday I happened to have control of the zapper whilst chilling in my crib – normally the tv is ‘taken’ but my parents took off for a weekend so I finally got to use this side-feature of cable that comes with the internet and people call tv :) – and I came across BBC2 right in time to tune in for the second episode. This wicked cartoon spawned from the same deranged soul that fabricated Family Guy. If you think Family Guy was on the edge, you just wait til you see this. It’s ab-so-lutely incredible. So rude, yet so tasteful. I love it!

Here’s a fly-through of the cast :

Stan works for the CIA in Langley, Virginia, and is always on the alert for terrorist activity. Stan will go to extremes to protect his beloved America from harm as evidenced by the terror-alert color code on his fridge, and his frequent knee-jerk reaction of shooting holes in the toaster whenever the toast pops up. –>
  Stan Smith
Francine Smith   <-- Stan's wife, the sweet, Edith Bunker-esque Francine, has carefully hidden her party-girl personality for the sake of the conservative man she loves. But make no mistake, Francine's doting persona has its limits, and she's not afraid to put her man in his place.
18-year-old Hayley is the ultra-liberal daughter of the Smith household. Stan insists on putting her through an airport-style security search every time she enters the house (sure, he loves his little girl, but he doesn’t necessarily trust her). –>   Hayley Smith
Steve Smith   <-- At the age of 13, the geeky and hapless Steve, seems to be on the verge of puberty, but can't quite make it. Steve is unhappy with his low social status and sometimes takes drastic action to change it; like the time he and Stan rigged the student-body election to make Steve president.
Roger is the sarcastic space alien Stan rescued from Area 51 who deeply resents the fact that he’s not allowed to leave the house.
Klaus   <-- Klaus is a lascivious, German-speaking goldfish - the result of a CIA experiment gone seriously wrong - who has an unhealthy crush on Francine.

Together they are : American Dad

The Smith Family

For The ‘American Dad’ Fans :

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