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27 Oct 2005

Simply Hired is a job-search engine that is currently searching 4,424,752 jobs to match you up with the job you’re looking for. (US only, so it seems). You can have some help from the engine with a customized search, but that only works if you’ve tried looking for some jobs already, so they have something to match with, as the ‘error’ message says “Abracadabra! Darn, that didn’t work… Sorry, first we need you to rate a few jobs, then we can do our magic & suggest a few you might like. ”

Simply Hired is a vertical search engine company based in Silicon Valley, and we’re building the largest online database of jobs on the planet. Our goal is to make finding your next job a simple yet effective, enjoyable journey. We can’t always promise you’ll discover your dream job, but we’ll give you the best chance possible to get a bigger paycheck, a more considerate boss, or a shorter commute.”

simply hired

To promote Simply Hired , they came up with Simply Fired – a contest where all of us can send in movies about getting fired to then be awarded for it. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry…

“It can really suck to get fired or laid off. But now here’s a chance to turn someone’s pain into your ticket to fortune & fired fame! If you’ve got a great idea for a short video (under 60 seconds) about getting fired, we’d love to see it. Send us your funniest, saddest, most outrageous video clip related to getting fired, and you could win a new Apple multimedia system, an Apple Video iPod, or a SimplyFired t-shirt (sure to be a collector’s item). The contest opens on November 1st 2005, and runs through the end of the year.”

The contest is starting in 5 (five) days ! But they’re already at movie #23 and it’s a hilarious one. Go check it out, or subscribe to the ‘new movies’ rss feed. – via [iBLOGthere4iM]

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