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27 Oct 2005

Okay. I’ve been helping out Nathan again on the BlogNewsChannel, because he was off for two days. A lot of stuff happened in search land, so check out the 17 posts I did there. (and some on the Inside Microsoft blog too, but only 4 posts)

Other funky stuff I saw lately :

A new speaker dubbed the Vibrato is designed to help the deaf ‘feel’ music, by providing a series of finger pads that allow the user to get as physically close as possible to the vibrations created by the music. – More on [Engadget]

The first phase of the deployment of an RFID system at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has been completed with three airlines fully participating in the process of placing RFID tags on checked baggage. – More on [TheWirelessWeblog]

ProSiebenSat.1 launched high-definition television in Germany on Wednesday, becoming Europe’s first major broadcaster to transmit using the high-resolution format that is considered TV’s future. – More on [Reuters]

Silicon Valley start-up Kaboodle Inc. will offer a novel way for Web surfers facing information overload to keep a running record of useful sites and extract key details for personal use or to share with like-minded users.

Interactive Ikea – What if ?

Interactive Performance, enabled by mobile devices — SimpleTEXT is a collaborative audio/visual public performance that relies on audience participation through input from mobile devices such as phones, PDAs or laptops. SimpleTEXT focuses on dynamic input from participants as essential to the overall output. The performance creates a dialogue between participants who submit messages which control the audiovisual output of the installation. These messages are first parsed according to a code that dictates how the music is created, and then rhythmically drive a speech synthesizer and a picture synthesizer in order to create a compelling, collaborative audiovisual performance.

The VideoEgg Publisher is a small browser plug-in that makes it truly simple to capture, edit, encode, and post video online. VideoEgg and Six Apart have partnered to make it easy to post video to your TypePad blog. – via [Blogologie]

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