Your Spy Outfit is Biometrical & Bullet-Proof

25 Oct 2005

Here’s a computer mouse with software that provides the highest level of security for your computer and the data contained within it. The software provided with this system replaces insecure passwords with a complex mathematical algorithm derived from your fingerprint, making your finger the key to accessing your PC and any protected data. This is not only more convenient but also offers a much higher level of security than conventional passwords. Simply place your finger on the reader and you can be verified in less than one second.

biometrical mouse

You can even choose to combine both fingerprint
and a password to provide the very highest level of protection.
Workgroup sharing possible. [Check the Mouse]

BodyWear :

First we need a vest that offers ballistic protection up to .357 magnum. Without doubt we need the lightest and most flexible vest around.  The tighter weave means less material is needed therefore reducing weight whilst also offering some knife protection.  Ideal for hot climates and lengthy periods of wear.

Then there is a regular Levis Strauss type denim jacket with a level IIIA bullet-proof lining cleverly sewn into the inside. Perfect for casual wear, this jacket offers all round protection against all rounds up to, and including, .44 magnum.

bullet proof denim jacket
A bullet proof denim jacket. I wonder if it is
stab-proof too? – via [Engadget]

Unfortunately no protective bullet proof pants are available. I wonder why that is.

Also Funky :

A 3 in one pen/laser/PDA stylus which features a super-bright 635nm beam at one end which will project up to 650 metres. The other end is a fine ballpoint pen. When you twist the end the ballpoint disappears and is replaced by a stylus for operating a PDA. Supplied in matt silver and in a nicely presented slim tin box this is both a useful, and fun, item.

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