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23 Oct 2005

Fox Home Video and AdTools have released a screenmate communicator to promote the release of “Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story”. This branded desktop application (BDA) has some goodies for the fans. Here’s a roundup:

  • 3 songs from some episodes. ( Sailor Song, Intercourse Song & Big Ole Baby)
  • 27 sound clips that allow you to ‘drag & create’ a 6-snippet long audio e-card with funky background, which you can send to your friends.
  • A Trivia Quiz test with Chris, Peter & Lois as lifelines. (Hilarious)
  • 4 Videoclips with unique footage, promoting the new DVD .
  • An interactive Stewie, when clicked walks around on your taskbar, saying things. :)
  • A desktop Wallpaper and (AOL) Buddy Icon.
main console
In the trivia test, Chris is always way off topic,
Peter is being Peter and Lois helps you out .
You just got to click them all, starting with Chris :) Really.

Managing the soundboard is very easy. :) Sending around the intellectual
funny quotes from Stewie is going to be my next thing to encourage people.
This will definitely help solve issues I have, because some things need to
be said, and who better than Stewie to personify my thoughts? Ba-zing !

Don’t get fooled by the ‘Upcoming Releases’ link. It just ends up at a total irrelevant page in the Fox Store. You can skip that. The DVD is on my wishlist. I’m pro-Stewie. – via [AdLand]

Visit [] or see [an example of an e-card]

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