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16 Oct 2005

It seems the more things you have to do in real life, the less time you have to post about it. That too goes for reading an RSS reader, or cleaning out your inbox. I’m going to summarize the interesting things I read recently and point out some places that have good stuff going on.

Philipp thinks computer keyboards can also be used as terrorist’s tool because “By entering letters into this input device, digital messages can be created to speed up communication between different terrorist organisations. Among other things, this may be used to discuss potential targets.” Too funny ! Also check what he writes about the post-it notes! Really :)

[SearchEngineWatch] reports on 2 reports that researched how we search. :)
“40 % of those conducting online research go to search engines first. Still, 57 % use retailer Web sites to research products before making a decision.
The study also found that the same number of people — one-third — search by brand as much they do by general category of product and/or service. Men use search engines more when researching a product: 69 % compared to 65 % of women.” – [Read more]

Google now lets you submit Flash-based advertisement for your Google AdWords campaigns. via [BestingAdwords]>[InsideAdwords]

Yahoo is testing a new approach to delivering news search results, combining traditional media sources with “citizen journalism” from blogs and images from its Flickr photo sharing site.” So now News, Blogs & Flickr are all scanned for results when you enter a query. via [SearchEngineWatch] -
[Submit Your RSS Feed to Yahoo] and get included.

The new Bluetooth-enabled Apple Remote, a new Mac user interface for navigating your media collection called Front Row & the New iMac G5.

Google has silently added a Bookmarks feature to My Search History, enabling you to quickly tag and comment any web page you’ve visited. [InsideGoogle]

courtesy of the google blogoscoped guy
Just the Noise.

“Best of all, sites in the Spam Google index try to rip you off by being relevant to your search. And isn’t that what Google is all about, relevancy?”
Heheh :) [Check out SpamGoogle] and have a blast ! via [Philipp]

The Netcraft “October 2005 Survey” found 74,409,971 sites, an increase of 2.68 million sites from its September survey. The gain makes 2005 the strongest year ever for Internet growth, with the Web adding 17.5 million sites, easily surpassing the previous annual mark of 16 million during the height of the dot-com boom in 2000. [eMarketer] > []

“Never moon a werewolf” and other funny oneliners on [NetScrap]
“Ever wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?” and other great quotes by comedians, also on [NetScrap] > [Blogium]

I’m worth : $219,960 says [Nathan], now to make that clear to the bank and investors team so they can balance me out. I could do with some wheels. :)

SorryGottaGo is the perfect alternative to end ANY phone conversation you want to stop. Tired of those telemarketeers calling you? Tired of listening to your mother in law? When you’re looking for a good excuse to end it : [Here's Your Answer] – via [GoogleBlogoscoped]

Pimping the IMDB [InternetMovieDatabase] from Amazon with [SearchEngineWatch] came in very handy for some reviews I was doing.
College Life, Powered by Google. “You spend your life dealing with information. A lot of it is academic, a lot more is personal, it all matters, and you can probably use better tools for handling it effectively.” On this page, Google likes to introduce you to a few of them. via [InsideGoogle]

Blogging Predicted in 1837? A talented, prophetical Russian prince by the name of Vladimir Odoevsky (1803-1869) apparently predicted the internet and described the process of what we call ‘blogging’. [Read]

Ultimate R|Mail : Scott Kingery used R|mail to post his links via FeedBurner onto his blog. Are you using R|Mail ? Let us know how, and tell us what you experience.


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