The Big Moo & Being Remarkable

12 Oct 2005

I just finished reading a copy of the pre-release of ‘The Big Moo’. – they’re in fact ‘advance uncorrected proofs’, and the book itself is on sale starting Oct. 20th – It took me a few days to read it, because I really had a lot of things to do and fewer time to blog, but once I got started, I tended to sacrifice all the precious free moments I had to reading this remarkable book. I’ll try to make up for not blogging… by blogging about this book.

The Big Moo is an unprecedented collaboration of 33 of the world’s smartest business thinkers, blending their best ideas on how you can remarkablize your organization. Being remarkable means: stop being ordinary, stop trying to be perfect. Desire change. Act now !

Two excerpts from the book :

“There isn’t a logical, proven, step-by-step formula you can follow. Instead, there’s a chaotic path through the woods, a path that includes side routes encompassing customer service, unconventional dedication, unparallelled leadership, and daring to dream. Is this a path worth staying on? Only if you want to grow. Only if you’re tired of being a cog in a dehumanizing machine. Only if you are willing to embrace the quest for the big moo.”

Golden rules to become a failure :

  1. Keep secrets.
  2. Be certain you’re right and ignore those that disagree with you.
  3. Set agressive deadlines fot others to get by in – then change them when they aren’t met.
  4. Resist testing you theories.
  5. Focus more on what other people think and less on whether your idea is as good as it could be.
  6. Assume that a critical mass must embrace your idea for it to work.
  7. Choose an idea where number 6 is a requirement.
  8. Realize that people who don’t instantly get your idea are bullheaded, shortsighted or even stupid.
  9. Don’t bother to dramatically increase the quality of your presentation style.
  10. Insist that you’ve got to go straight to the top of the organization to get something done.
  11. Always go for the big win.

Thank you : [Marco] from [MarketingFacts] to connect me to [Roy Van Veen] who sent me a copy of this brilliant book. I’ll pass it on.

[Seth Godin] – [Pre-Order a Copy] – join [Remarkabalize] and learn.

[Remarkabalize* is a new kind of network that helps organizations develop their stories and deliver on creating the next generation of business growth.]

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