Interactive Shaping With TactaPad

09 Oct 2005

Today’s interfaces rely heavily on visual feedback. Because our visual attention quickly moves around the display as we work, it’s easy to miss something. The mouse exacerbates the problem by providing false feedback -it always goes ‘click’ even when your click does nothing. Since our sense of touch is directly connected to the actions we perform with our hands, tactile feedback is a great way to confirm user actions. And better feedback means fewer mistakes.

Introducing the TactaPad : The Tactile, Immersive, Two-Handed Input Device.

The TactaPad’s camera continually captures an image of your hands. Your hands are translucently overlaid on your display as live video.

The TactaPad is touched directly with the hands. The surface can be touched in multiple places at the same time. A cursor appears on your display for every touch.

The surface moves vertically when pressed, providing dynamic force feedback. Each touch has a unique feel which corresponds to the object being touched.

Productivity for Professionals

The TactaPad is designed for computer users whose productivity depends on how quickly and effectively they can interact with their computer. Learn more about how the tactile, immersive, two-handed input device can change the way you work.

Visit [Tactiva] – See [Cool Demo Movies] – via [Randy]

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