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28 Jul 2005

RSVP means ‘Rapid Serial Visual Presentation’ and it displays text one word at a time on a phone or handheld screen. This is a new method for reading, and it’s about to settle. There’s only so much text you can cram onto a small display before it becomes illegible, and when the text is large you have to press the Next button a lot, which interrupts your reading flow. RSVP hands you the solution.

From the [Mobile Magazine] :

“When I first tried RSVP reading, I felt overwhelmed. The words flashed on the screen to the beat of an unheard drum. I felt out of control. I couldn’t pause and reflect after reading a sentence. But after five minutes or so, I got used to the ocular assault, and my mind seemed to shift into a different gear. By letting go, the words started flowing smoothly into my head. Because my eyes weren’t shifting back and forth as they normally do when reading, everything but the words themselves faded away, and I found that I was actually enjoying the experience.”

“B.J. Fogg would be happy to hear this. He runs research and design at Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab. Fogg’s been using RSVP for four years and has launched a research project called BuddyBuzz, which lets mobile users read articles from the internet using RSVP. Using BuddyBuzz, Fogg claims he can read 700 words a minute. At that rate, you could read a novel in about an hour and a half, if your phone battery doesn’t give out. (I can handle up to about 300 words a minute before I go into a fugue state.)”

Join [BuddyBuzz] and become part of a test group for this tool.

See & try the [RSVP-DemoReader] – via [BoingBoing]

On a related note : AOL released their mobile search. Try it here [here]

[SearchEngineLowdown] says it has a sleeker, phone-friendly index and InfoGin, which “converts HTML sites into pages more easily read by mobile devices by stripping out Javascript, resizing graphics, and re-rendering the page.”

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