Mobile Marketing About To Explode

27 Jul 2005

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones to play music and games, gamble and access adult content, opening up lucrative new revenue streams for the mobile and content industries, according to a major strategic research report to be published next month. Mobile Entertainment, written by analysts from research house Informa Telecoms & Media over the last six months, predicts that the global market for mobile entertainment will be worth $42.8 billion by 2010.

From the Press Release :

“The value of audio-based mobile music services is set to double in the five years to 2010, by which time they will exceed $11 billion, according to the report. Although the majority of revenue will still come from ringtones, the forecast growth in the ring-back tone and full track download sectors confirms that the mobile phone is becoming a credible music device.”

From NetImperative :

“The research predicts that the overall market will nearly treble from $15.8bn. The number of mobile phones is set to climb from 1.8bn to 3bn.”

Press Release by [Informa Telecoms & Media]

Read the report on [NetImperative] to get the essential excerpts only.
via [MarketingVox]

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