Yahoo Social Search Beta

30 Jun 2005

MyWeb 2.0, a search personalization tool that uses elements of social media to improve search results combines elements of tagging and wikis, and lets users change the titles of Web pages, annotate them and add descriptive tags.

“The 1.0 version that has been released in April allows users to save pages to a “personal Web,” rate pages and block them from ever appearing again in search results. The new version extends these abilities to a trusted community. Users first must set up their communities, or social networks, by inviting others to join. They can use e-mail or import contacts from the Yahoo Address Book, Messenger buddy list or Yahoo 360 community.

Anyone within the community can influence search relevance in several ways. While My Web 1.0 lets users save pages into folders, 2.0 lets them simply tag pages with one or more words that describe the page content. Pages previously saved in 1.0 folders will be tagged with the folder name, and users can import bookmarks, as well.

Users can publish their saved pages for public access or share them only with people in the network.”

“Full arcticle on [InternetNews]

Nathan has some links lined up :

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