Forget Me Not Phones

29 Jun 2005

If you think the forget-me-not-panties were the end of the line, boy have you been barking up the wrong tree. Kokuyo’s Doko Line takes things just a notch further. Introducing : the GPS panic button and attack alarm.

Engadget reports :

“Not only will it send an email to your MumĀ if you step outside a predefined 300m-5km zone, it’ll also inform the support centre at your local radio station in order to mobilize the community in a search for your wayward ass.”

Forget Me Not Phones

To be sold “to schools, care facilities and medical institutions to track the inmates, and the GPS box that comes with the service also includes a panic button and attack alarm. The unit will sell for Y29,800 ($270), with service costing you a further Y1,500 ($14) a month.”

Gareth Edwards on [Engadget]
Original Press Release [right here]
[Forget Me Not Panties]

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