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25 May 2005

It took me a little while to find the time to post this, because my days are about six hours too short to get a good night’s rest. Schoolwork is filling most of my nights and the countdown to the last big effort has begun. Starting June 4, I’ll be pushing trees in my brain and reproduce it in ink the day after. Luckily there is music to ease my mind. And here’s where the baton kicks in.

I got the baton from Sken, a student in AudioVisualTechniques. Or something. :) Thanks. It’s my first baton on this blog. [His Blog]


2.785 Files, divided over 92 folders, representing 12.9 Gb. It’s all that’s left after the PC crashes I went through, it’s what I have on CD. My last download from the internet dates from
more than a year ago.


Naked on the inside from noaneal - Listen to her songs : HERE

Noa’s a girl from my school who’s just really good in what she does.

I purchased it on the official release concert, to support the artist of course. There are pictures online… click here. (I’m on the eleventh picture in gallery number nine.)

If you are being redirected to the main page, and a pop-up opens to
sign up for a mailing, it’s time to change to another browser than MSIE


Somehow I even got my picture taken by some press photographer.
Groupie Coolz0r. Hahah. Well, it was fun. She’s adorable. That’s ok.


The album of the French Lyricist Antilop Sa. Smooth vibed hiphop, pure and very catchy. Must try : L’encre en guise de larmes.

Good tracks : All of them.
Really good : ‘L’été sera chaud‘ and ‘Attaque à Mic Armé


Eazy EThe Players Club every time I drive off the yard into life…

XzibitThe Foundation from when I met a girl who’s learned me stuff.

Joe DassinL’été Indien strangely reminds me of my dad and the sea.

Lucy Pearl - Don’t Mess With My Man what my woman needs to sing.

Tina TurnerPrivate Dancer … what comes after singing? :)

Well, in fact, there’s a lot of music I really like. All of the songs I have all carry memories. It’s weird, but every track has a face or a situation I can relate it to. These five are among the very best, but as you can see, they really differ a lot from each other when it comes to ‘genre’ or ’style’.


I’d like to know what Nathan Weinberg has on his HD or on his iPod.
Same goes for Philipp Lenssen and Tom De Bruyne.

I could also pass it on to Frantix and Randy Charles Morin. That’s five.
I don’t know if they’re all going to do it. That’s their choice. But I will ask it politely.

By the way, it’s going to be a slow week in posting again…

UPDATE 25|05°05 – 4:01 AM

Randy’s already posted his baton. I didn’t know he was such an artist.
I think it’s very cool that you can get to know people a little by their
choice of music. That totally rules. Coding and Composing. How nifty.

UPDATE 25|05°05 – 2:46 PM

This morning just before I left for school, I saw Nathan has posted his ’some sort of baton’ too. :) I thought he’d be rockin’ it old school, and that seems to be sort of confirmed now. What about The Velvet Underground ? I bet you could dig that. I’m going to check the Blue Oyster thing, because I’ve never heard of that band before.

Also, while paying very much attention in class this morning, I’ve seen Frantix getting it on in English too. She writes good poems. Really.
Y’all should learn to read Flemish once. That’d be cool. Wonder when Google is going to release that translator thing, so we could all read things in ‘other’ languages that are available on the www.

That leaves just Tom and Philipp to do their thing, but it could be their blogs don’t really display personal info. No sweat. The baton lives on.

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