Ice Ice Polo

22 May 2005

Check out this way too cool campaign for Volkswagen’s Polo. This is very very nifty. As part of a forthcoming advertising campaign Volkswagen contacted The Ice Box and have let them deliver a life-sized ice sculpture of their Polo Twist model.


From the London SE1 Community Site :

“The sculpture was made from 9.5 tonnes of ice imported from Canada, by a company which specialises in ice carving, The Ice Box. The Polo took around 350 hours to create, and was hand-carved by three sculptors in a freezer at -10 degrees. The final carving weighed around 8.5 tonnes, and was transported in 100 individually wrapped sections by ‘freezer freight’. Once installed in Belvedere Road it was gone within 12 hours. Had the sculpture been allowed to melt naturally, it would have taken around 36 to 48 hours to disappear. Ice Box managing director Philip Hughes commented: “We have worked on hundreds of projects for major brands throughout the UK and Europe, mainly for live communications and events. However, the Polo Twist is the largest project for a specific shoot and single piece of advertising.”

The images of the ice car will be used in a four-week national press advertising campaign for the Twist – which comes ‘chilled’ with free air conditioning – starting on Thursday 27 May.

From Square Meal The Magazine:

“We do a lot of promotion work because ice is an engaging material that lends itself well to advertising, explains Phil, who recently played an instrumental role in the launch of the new VW Polo (the ice car was all over the papers and even made a brief appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross).
One of the most exciting things we do is being market makers, says Philip. We always give clients three quotes what they’ve asked for, a souped-up version of what they’ve asked for and a completely over-the-top version of what they’ve asked for and I’d say about 50 per cent of clients go for the latter, mostly because what we’ve suggested to them has never even crossed their minds. With education top of the priority list as Philip takes over as ISES president this summer, we may indeed be entering a new Ice Age.”

Read the article from Square Meal on the Ice Box Team
The London SE1 Community Site


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